Sharon Jacobsen’s career path took an unexpected but positive turn from mining to civil construction after some training and advice from Pro-Lift Training FNQ’s expert team.

Getting a job in the mines

In 2020, a friend of Sharon’s told her about her experience with Pro-Lift Training FNQ saying “They were the best training organisation she had ever worked with”.  Knowing she wanted a quality training experience; Sharon got in touch with the crew at Pro-Lift Training FNQ.  There wasn’t a course scheduled, so they organised after-hours training just for Sharon, so she flew from NSW to Cairns to complete her Standard 11 Mining Induction course.  She soon got work in a mine in NSW and ended up driving trucks which she loved.  The site she was working on didn’t require her to have tickets to drive the trucks but when that job finished, she soon found that other sites did, and Sharon struggled to find a job doing what she loved.

Time to get new tickets

Having had such a great experience in 2020, Sharon didn’t hesitate to get in touch with Pro-Lift Training FNQ to get her Haul truck tickets.  She flew up to Cairns again and completed her Haul Truck licence for $1990.  While she was here, Sharon talked to Percy, Pro-Lift Training FNQ’s Managing Director, about her employment opportunities.  Percy recommended she look at some of the Civil Construction opportunities that were around which is something that Sharon had never considered.

Civil Construction for the Win

Upon her return to NSW, Sharon applied for a Civil Construction job on a large-scale project, and she got the job!  She now earns between $2500 and $3500 per week so the $1990 she paid for the course very quickly paid for itself.  Sharon is loving her new job and is so thrilled to have the licences to back her skills.

If you are looking to change careers and need to get your tickets or licences, get in touch with the team at Pro-Lift Training FNQ.  Sharon is so glad she did and you will be too!