Aden Riddell was a 24 year old who had been working as a labourer/trades assistant on short term contracts across the Cairns building community. He was looking to make more money, find more secure work and get a little more work/life balance. He found Pro-Lift Training FNQ via an ad he saw online and decided to give us a call.

Help to achieve his dreams

Pro-Lift Training FNQ specialise in helping people to upskill so they can make their career and financial dreams come true. For Aden, he wanted to make more money, have more days off and have more stable work in the construction industry, so we worked with him to create a training plan that would help him achieve those goals.

With doggers and riggers being in such high demand across the maritime, mining and construction industries, Aden decided this was a career path he would like to pursue.

An investment in his future as a rigger

As part of planning out his training schedule, the Pro-Lift Training FNQ team assessed his eligibility for CSQ Funding and some Youth Funding. As a result, they were able to help Aden secure a whopping $4800 towards his training courses and the remainder he paid himself as he knew that his increased earning potential would soon offset those costs.

Aden completed the following courses:

  • Licence to perform dogging
  • Licence to perform rigging basic level
  • Licence to operate a boom-type elevating work platform (EWP)
  • Licence to operate a forklift truck
  • Working Safely at Heights
  • Confined Space and Gas Test

The next step to become a rigger

After his training was complete, most registered training organisations would approve his licence and send him on his way. Pro-Lift Training FNQ does things a little differently. The true measure of success for us is to see our students working in the roles they are trained to do and getting paid well for it.

That’s why we work with our sister company, Advanced Recruitment Services, who specialise in recruitment for the maritime, mining and construction industries. That way we are able to help our students get placed in their desired roles.

This is exactly what we did with Aden.

Goals achieved – working as a rigger

Advanced Recruitment Services were able to place Aden into a longer contract for a FIFO Rigger role on a Weir construction project. He now works 2 weeks on and 1 week off getting $3086 a week AFTER tax!

When his contract is up, Advanced Recruitment Services will help him get another contract as he has proved to be such a reliable employee.

We wish Aden all the best for his future and know that he will come back to Pro-Lift Training FNQ if he ever needs refresher courses or wants to change direction with his career.