Dairy Farmer to Construction Worker

Joe Renall was a hardworking Kiwi Dairy Farmer working 7 days a week with no time to go hunting or 4WDing like he loved to do.  He decided to pack it in and move to Queensland working as a labourer and concreter in Toowoomba in search of some work life balance.  After working shift work, weekends and long hours for a while, Joe realised that he wasn’t really any better off.  He quit his job and took a trip back to see family in New Zealand and spent some time researching his options.  That’s when he found Pro-Lift Training FNQ.  The fact that they have the largest Mining and Civil Construction machinery training grounds in North Queensland is what caught his attention.

Time to Upskill

A phone call to the experienced team at Pro-Lift Training FNQ answered all Joe’s questions about how he could make more money and have more time off to do the things he loved.  Joe booked a flight to Cairns and the Pro-Lift crew even picked him up at the airport so he could get started on his training right away. With the help of funding from Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ), Joe was able to get his licences and tickets for Forklift, Elevated Work Platform (EWP), Rigging and Dogging within 3 weeks and then he even came back to get his Excavator, Skid Steer and Haul Truck operator licences.

Without the CSQ funding these tickets would have cost him $7800 but the Pro-Lift team was able to secure funding and Joe saved himself a whopping $5100 and paid just $2700.

Finding a Construction Job

Now, Kiwi Joe had all his tickets, it was time to find a job – preferably one that paid well and gave him some work life balance.  The Pro-Lift team gave Joe a hand to get his resume looking good.  Percy, Pro-Lift’s Managing Director, provided Joe with contact details for 10 potential employers in his network.  On the second phone call he made, Joe secured himself a job as a Rigger in the Construction industry.

Reaping the rewards of upskilling

Joe now works 10-hour days Monday to Friday and has every weekend off to get out hunting and 4WDing.

What’s even better?  Joe is now getting paid more than $50 an hour which is a big jump from the labourer’s wage he was on before.  That $2700 he spent was earned back within 14 days!

In addition to that, Joe has a broad range of skills that he can use at a variety of construction jobs should he ever have enough of being a rigger.

If you or someone you know is ready to upgrade your construction career, book here or give us a call on 07 4952 2585.  You may even be eligible for CSQ Funding just like Kiwi Joe was.