David Craker found himself at a crossroads in life.  He had recently been through a relationship break up and took some time out to recalibrate in sunny Cairns and visit a friend.  During his stay, his friend suggested maybe he could focus on himself and make some real money working in the mines.


Where to get started to work in the mines

Seeing as he was already in Cairns, David got in touch with Cairns’ leading training facility for mining and construction skills, Pro-Lift Training FNQ as he’d heard great things from friends.

A quick chat with Lovely, and David had a clear idea of his path to move forward and start making great money in the mines.  Lovely informed him that Doggers and Riggers are in short supply on mine sites and that their partners at Advanced Recruitment Services would likely be able to find him a role to suit.


Paying for mining and construction training

When starting from scratch like David did, the cost of training may seem a little overwhelming but fortunately, the team at Pro-Lift Training FNQ know all the funding options available and although he wasn’t eligible for CSQ Funding, David was able to access Skills Checkpoint Funding for over 40s.

David was able to complete the following courses and pay only half the usual course costs:


Getting to work

While David was completing his training, he of course started looking at job prospects and with the help of the team at Pro-Lift Training FNQ, he managed to secure his first job working on the Cairns Convention Centre.

David was excited to learn more so it wasn’t long before he came back to complete his Basic Rigging training with the Pro-Lift Training FNQ team.  This time he was able to secure funding through the Building Employees Redundancy Trust (BERT) Training Fund which kept his costs nice and low.

After doing his Rigging course, David spoke to the team at Advanced Recruitment Services and they helped to place him in a shutdown role as a rigger with zero experience earning a whopping $50,000 for 10 weeks work.  How’s that for a return on training investment?


Mining Upskilling paying off

David is a great example of how we can help someone with no experience in the mining and construction industries get started and earning fantastic money.

There is a skills shortage in the areas of dogging and rigging right now and the industries are in desperate need of people who have the right training and a great attitude to fill roles.  So, if you have been thinking about a career change, be sure to chat with the team at Pro-Lift Training FNQ – they have what it takes to make your new career dreams a reality.