Matt Ashby was an insurance salesman who had 3 part time jobs just to try and make ends meet.  He was fed up with living from paycheck to paycheck and having to juggle his schedule just to cover the cost of living.

That all changed when he met the Pro-Lift Training FNQ team.


Getting skills for the construction industry

Matt was keen to give anything a go.  After chatting with Percy at Pro-Lift Training FNQ, Matt discovered that the construction industry is in short supply of doggers, riggers and crane operators.  There were also a number of other courses that would make him more appealing as a job candidate too, so he worked out a training schedule with the team which included:


How did Matt pay for all his training when he didn’t have a lot of funds saved?

Matt was excited to be able to access CSQ Funding for his training which dramatically reduced his training costs and he knew that the small amount that he did have to come up with would soon be recovered when he landed himself a decent paying job!


Finding a job

While he was still in training, Matt managed to secure himself a short-term role as a dogger/rigger/crane operator with Cairns Crane Hire Company.

He’s since found himself a role that gives him a fantastic work/life balance working 20 days a month earning $50 an hour and he’s loving it.


Work/Life Balance achieved

Matt is so glad to have his new skills and an abundance of career possibilities after his training with Pro-Lift Training FNQ.  He no longer needs to worry about money and is home to spend more time with his family.

If you are feeling overworked and underpaid and think that you might like to explore your career options in the construction industry, get in touch with the friendly team at Pro-Lift Training FNQ – you will be glad you did, just like Matt is!